GOLD COAST, QLD – Opmantek Software, is a leading provider of intelligent Network Management, Automation and Audit Systems won the IT and Digital Business category at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award on Saturday night.

The award was accepted by Danny Maher, Chairman and Co-Founder of Opmantek, who highlighted the team’s love for the Gold Coast, their global client base and the tech industry.
“The award highlights the efforts of our staff and the engagement of our global clientele around our commercial products. This is the 11th time Opmantek has won an Australian business award, as well as being Australian Exporter of the Year, twice. Even though we are a global company, we love celebrating our origins and continue to be a Gold Coast based software team. We strive to deliver everything our global customers dream through continued innovation grown right out of the Gold Coast,” stated Danny Maher, Chairman and Co-Founder.
“We understand the realities for Managed Service Providers, Wireless Internet Service Providers, Telcos, IT departments and IT managers. We service some of the largest MSP’s, Telco’s and organisations in the world – in particular in LATAM and the USA. Happy customers grow our business,” stated Danny Maher, Chairman and Co-Founder.
Adam Leeflang, General Manager, says “the key to Opmantek’s continued success is that we understand our customers. We listen to them. We understand the realities from the largest Telco’s in the world to Managed Service Providers. The one thing these companies have in common is they choose Opmantek products, as they continually prove to provide network insights for any company who cares about their user experience.”
When asked about what’s coming up for the company Adam replied “Keith Sinclair, our CTO took me through the product roadmap for the next 6 months and our innovation continues. Keep an eye on Opmantek!”