18 October 2019


2019 was Opmantek’s first year at WISPAPALOOZA. As an Australian, writing this, I suppose we fit the rookie/freshman tag.  In Aussie surfing terms, we’d be grommets. 

So a little bit about WISPA first. WISPA is a 501.c6 advocacy organisation with a friendly and collaborative community of over 800 wireless internet providers and vendors. They hold a major event once a year where they talk everything wireless.

The event clearly displayed the community of American Wireless Providers and supporting vendors.

Nextlink first introduced us to the idea of attending WISPAPALOOZA a while ago and we did our research which showed us that these guys really fit into our sense of community too. So we signed up and are members of WISPA and jumped right into WISPAPALOOZA.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by to meet us and have a chat. We had a great time and made many new friends and look forward to next year.

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