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What Is Process Automation?

Improving The Mean Time To Resolve And Driving Down The Cost Of Delivery


What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the technology that allows software to complete human actions that complete a business process, using a computer system. It will absorb data, action responses and communicate with other systems to complete tasks as instructed, improving the efficiency, accuracy and productivity of IT teams. Our various process automation software tools are designed to automate tasks, reducing bottlenecks and the need for human intervention. This allows IT teams to focus on more strategic initiatives and further IT process optimization.

What is Operational Process Automation?

Operational Process Automation (OPA) delivers process automation specifically to network operations and IT teams. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning abilities, OPA goes beyond basic RPA capabilities to carry out advanced analysis and troubleshooting tasks. By automating time-consuming and repetitive tasks, our business process management and automation tools can deliver significant cost savings. They reduce errors, optimize workflows, and free up resources, allowing business users to focus on improving the customer experience for both internal and external customers.

“Replacing manual processes with Automated NCCM tools that
monitor and control physical network device configurations will
improve staff efficiency, reduce risk and network outages.”

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Gartner’s Market Guide to Network Automation

Opmantek (a FirstWave company) has been
named a leader in Gartner’s ‘Market Guide to
Network Automation’ three consecutive years.

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Network Engineering And Systems Administration

How Process Automation Software Can Assist Your Business

Intent Based Networking Solutions

Intent Based Networking Solutions

The continued validation that your business intent and your network configurations are always aligned. Constant monitoring of IT processes allows your organization to extend the automation to include new developments while reducing the time of implementation.

Policy-Based Automation

Policy-Based Automation

Move your organization and IT teams away from a device-configuration-centric view and replace it with a standardised policy view, increasing the predictability and stability of your network.



Network automation tools can easily manage and optimize your individual nodes, they can also programmatically control and optimize your network elements based on monitored conditions.

Network Configuration and Change Management

Network Configuration and Change Management

The automated discovery and documentation of your physical network infrastructure seeking any changes compared to a gold standard or any conditions that raise alerts.

Simplify Your Network

Simplify Your Network

Simplify the IT process setup, configuration, patching, backup and extension of data on your network.

Lower maintenance and service costs

Lower maintenance and service costs

Lower the maintenance and service costs due to operational equipment and services being managed equally and efficiently.

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Products Recommended

Getting Started with Process Automation Software



Dynamic Actionable Charts

Dynamic charting, custom dashboards and a RESTful API to visualise NMIS data. Ideal as a custom professional user interface and a customer portal.



Reduce Network Faults Using Proactive Event Management

Process the diagnostics of events and leverage intelligent automation to remediate issues.


Virtual Machine

Get up and running in minutes

All our network management and monitoring apps (including NMIS and Open-AudIT) are ready to evaluate or deploy in this turnkey package that is installed in minutes.

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