Application Performance Monitoring With NMIS8 & opCharts


Application Performance Monitoring With NMIS8 & opCharts

Join Mark Henry as he outlines the steps in adding a user experience gauge through the use of Business Services. This is quite a detailed webinar that will help any business achieve better network performance and happier stakeholders.

It’s no longer enough just to monitor the performance of individual devices. In today’ fast-paced business environment the engineering team must focus on application performance, which requires the ability to monitor not only the underlying equipment but the services that are running and to be able to generate and track synthetic transactions from multiple locations.

Join us for this 45-minute session while we discover:

  • How to leverage NMIS8’s Services and Business Services systems to monitor application performance
  • How assigning Business Services to devices enhances operational ability to report and manage performance
  • How to create remote UI/UX monitors
  • How Opmantek’s opCharts solution can provide detailed comparison dashboards for Service monitoring across wide geographic areas.

Suggested reading before the webinar:

Each topic from the webinar has a how-to wiki page found below: