Configuring Fast Device Polling in NMIS8 & opCharts


Configuring Fast Device Polling in NMIS8 & opCharts

Join Mark Henry as he discusses the flexibility across the Opmantek suite in custom polling policies. Whether you use the policies to optimise your network by adjusting your time or create custom troubleshooting dashboards with opCharts, Mark will walk you through this process.

The introduction of flexible Polling Policies has given a wider range of features. Join us for this 45-minute session while we see different ways to implement this exciting new feature:

  • How the Polling Policy works and why you might use it.
  • How to create and assign a Polling Policy to a device.
  • How to optimize your collection using NMIS’ Polling Policy.
  • How to leverage the power of opCharts to enhance your fault finding capabilities.

Follow along with the slides:

Opmantek Variable Polling