Join Paul McClendon, an Opmantek Support Engineer, as he demonstrates how to schedule tasks to run automatically in Open-AudIT.

Tasks can be one of several distinct types: Baseline, Discovery, Report, Query, Summary or Collector.

All tasks can be created the same in Windows and Linux. Tasks use the CRON method for scheduling execution.

Minute: (0-59)
Hour: (0-23)
Day of Month: (1-31)
Month: (1-12)
Day of Week: (0-6)

Go to menu: Admin -> Tasks -> Create Tasks.

Choosing the “type” of the task will configure the additional fields required, depending on the type of task.

If the Open-AudIT Server has Collectors reporting to it, an additional drop down is provided. You can select this to specify which Collector the task should run on. Only Discovery tasks are supported for Collectors.