12 September 2019

Gartner’s Top Risks For Enterprise Companies

Gartner’s Top Risks For Enterprise Companies

Any enterprise company will know that operating a complex network can be like playing Jenga in the dark. It’s hard to see what you’re doing, and if you touch the wrong block, the whole structure will be brought down.

The good news is, change management within your complex networks doesn’t need to be like this anymore.

Opmantek have found a way to illuminate the challenges of complex networks to take the stress out of making changes.

Emerging risk factors

The fact of that matter is that large organisations (such as yours) are struggling to keep up with the pace of change, and are not able to respond quickly enough to the fundamental shifts that occur daily on the business landscape.

According to Gartner’s Risk Management Leadership Council, the top emerging risk factors that are currently affecting large organisations include:

– An inability to build ambitious and highly automated infrastructures due to complexity and a lack of visibility.
– A falling response perception from customers.
– Staff that are seemingly trapped by manual processes and rigid policies that are too complex to follow, and have too many exceptions to function effectively.

If you want to avoid these looming risks and hazards, you should take a close look of how your network is run. Issues such as these can materialise rapidly and can be crippling to productivity, so proactive measures are needed. However, understanding networks doesn’t require the purchase of tonnes of equipment or extensive retraining of your staff.

Actually, it’s pretty simple.

Scale your organisation

Scaling your organisation is one easy way to manage complex networks and their associated risks. Migrating the management of networks from within the cloud to a company like Opmantek with the Open-AudIT Cloud will greatly increase reliability and performance.

You should consider using a network management open-source tool that scales reliably with speed. This audit process allows for participation of other risk and control functions, as well as an aligned and consistent risk reporting regiment. Moreover, it minimises the duplication of effort for maximal efficiency.

We all know that knowledge is power, and the Open-AudIT Cloud gives you information in seconds that would previously have taken much longer to glean. You will know exactly what is on your network, how it is configured and when it changes. This is like the golden key to the exact data you need, when you need it.

In addition, Open-AudIT Cloud scans the network and stores the configuration of all discovered devices. That means you have instant access to software licensing, unauthorised devices, and things like warranty or hardware status reports. The true power of this suite comes with the ability to access the cloud anytime, anywhere.

The Open-AudIT Cloud provides scaling with controlled efficiency, hybrid environment audits, threat management through software version control, configuration baselines, configuration change detection, rack management, cloud discovery and audits, scheduled reporting and more. Everything has been tailored to mitigate costs and fight against duplication of labour.

As you can see, Opmantek is geared towards driving your enterprise towards success. You can start climbing towards a cloud-integrated network management system that will ensure your scaling is executed with controlled efficiency.

When it comes to risk management, it is vital to ensure the most advanced level of monitoring and assessment. With the world’s leading network discovery open-audit cloud software, you will automate those time-consuming and manual tasks that are eating into your productivity.

Take control of the audit process with Open-AudIT Cloud and allow your staff to focus on other areas of your enterprise that will help you flourish. Opmantek puts you back in control of your assets and provides speed, security and simplicity.