06 April 2023

CyberCision Upgrade Released to Target Global Telecoms Sector and Large Enterprises

CyberCision Upgrade Released to Target Global Telecoms Sector and Large Enterprises

Australian cybersecurity and network management software company FirstWave Cloud Technology Limited (ASX: FCT) (FirstWave) is pleased to announce the release of a significant new upgrade to its cybersecurity-as-a-service platform CyberCisionTM.

The latest release (code-named “Arcanine”) significantly extends the capability of CyberCisionTM and will expand the platform’s marketability at a time when numerous cybersecurity data breaches have been headline news.

This release includes a new standalone deployment system for Government platform installations and incorporates cutting-edge technology acquired as part of FirstWave’s purchase of Opmantek Limited in early 2022.

Amongst other features, the release builds on CyberCision’s Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) technology with a new layer of enterprise-level intelligence feeds sourced from Cisco Talos Intelligence Group, one of the largest commercial threat intelligence providers in the world.

CyberCision’s™ ADR provides businesses with continuous real-time monitoring of email security services and automated threat visibility, detection and alerts in response to attacks and incidents.

The new release also adds significant new security detectors and data classification features while enhancing the platform’s “trace and threat hunting” capability to give CyberCisionTM users deeper security knowledge and insight.

FirstWave Chief Executive Officer Danny Maher said, “CyberCisionTM is the world’s only open security management platform designed specifically to deliver enterprise-grade security to businesses of all sizes. With CyberCision™, service providers can build as-a-service cybersecurity packages of enterprise-grade, including a range of management and operational services such as multi-tenanting, billing, and provisioning that enable them to streamline the sales and delivery process at a minimal cost.

The platform includes a range of unique, market-leading features such as enhanced integration and automation, mobile reporting, and advanced detection and response (ADR) capabilities to protect users from the latest targeted threats.

For more information, go to www.firstwavecloud.com/cybercision