24th June 2020

Australia, QLD: Opmantek Software, one of the world’s leading providers of Automated Network Management Software, has announced the release of the much anticipated NMIS 9.
The upgrade underpins a variety of exciting new features that drive the company’s trajectory to the forefront of the emerging Artificial Intelligence for the IT Operations (AIOps) market. NMIS 9 is structured to streamline and rapidly process vast volumes of data. This is supported by big data and machine learning functionality available in the Opmantek commercial modules. That way, users can analyse the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of data generated in corporate IT environments in response to digital transformation.
Opmantek CEO Craig Nelson encouraged any business looking to consolidate existing network management and monitoring tools into one platform, automate processes and reduce costs all while improving quality of service and customer experience to look at Opmantek’s solution.
“NMIS9 is a significant new release of our core software. The improvements to data processing speed and data availability make it the most affordable, flexible, and scalable network management and IT automation solution for Telcos, large enterprise, and Managed Service Providers available on the market.”
Opmantek CTO and NMIS founder, Keith Sinclair is excited about this new release. “It brings together all the ideas from our customers and our team into this release. Centralising the management of the platform will make large deployments even easier to manage. Scalability has been improved over NMIS 8, with more nodes supported per server, but the scalability also extends to scalable operations, with more handled by NMIS itself. NMIS 9 provides the base for adding our event-driven automation capabilities when combined with your imagination, and you can automate just about any manual process that your team needs to perform. It’s been a lot of hard work, and the results show it. I’m absolutely thrilled with this release – our customers are going to love it.”
To see the full extent of the capability and scalability of NMIS 9 and its commercial modules, download the Virtual Machine (VM) for fast deployment in one package or request a demonstration.
NMIS 9 is available as a free download from here.
To speak to an engineer about your specific network management, automation or audit requirements – book an appointment here.

About Opmantek:
Opmantek is a multi-award-winning software company operating in the field of Intelligent Network Management, Network Process Automation, and IT Audit.
Opmantek’s software helps IT teams detect faults, automate processes, review current and historical network performance, predict where future failures are likely to occur, and audit everything attached to their network cost-effectively.
Opmantek software manages some of the world’s most complex IT environments, including some of the world’s largest telecommunications carriers and Managed Service Providers. Opmantek’s staff are dedicated to making the best network management solutions on earth and making the management of complex IT environments easy.

About NMIS
NMIS (Network Management Information System) is an open-source network management system that was first released in 1998. Licensed under the GNU General Public License, the software has been implemented globally.
Originally written by Keith Sinclair and with later substantial input from Eric Greenwood, to solve capability gaps in existing Network Management Software. The intellectual property for NMIS was purchased by commercial open-source software company Opmantek in early 2011 under a stated commitment to keep “NMIS free and lead the community to advance the product rapidly.” NMIS 8 was released by Opmantek shortly after and remained free and open source. NMIS 9 provides a powerful single platform for Network Engineers and Operators to manage and monitor their networks.
Additional modules and support provided by Opmantek are available to extend the capabilities of NMIS.

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General Manager, Opmantek
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