06 September 2018

Opmantek Virtual Machine New Build

Opmantek Virtual Machine New Build

The Opmantek Virtual Machine has always been the easiest way to start using our software. You can experience the power of the complete Opmantek suite in one easy-to-install Virtual Appliance without the hassle of setting up a dedicated server. Best of all, the VM can be used with a free 20 device trial license.

There is a new build of the Virtual Machine that incorporates all the latest module updates:

  • NMIS 8.6.7G
  • opCharts 3.3.0
  • opConfig 3.0.7
  • opEvents 2.4.1
  • opFlow 3.0.11
  • opReports 3.1.4
  • Open-AudIT 2.2.7

Download the VM today and Discover, Audit, Monitor and Manage Anything.