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Improved IoT Performance

Improved IoT Performance

Gain insights into IoT device performance and security issues, identify bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall network performance. Proactively address issues to maintain a seamless user experience and maximize operational efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage real-time device data to identify patterns that indicate potential failures or maintenance requirements for monitored devices. Schedule maintenance activities in advance, reducing downtime and optimizing resource utilization.



Centralized control and visibility enable organizations to scale their IoT deployments without compromising network performance or security. Effectively manage an increasing number of devices as IoT services & networks grow. 

Cost Optimization

Cost Optimization

Monitor IoT devices to gain insights into device usage patterns, power consumption, and performance metrics. Optimize resource allocation, reduce energy costs, and extend the lifespan of smart devices further.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Gain visibility into device behavior and identify potential cyber threats. Device health and IoT monitoring help organizations strengthen security measures, ensuring the integrity of individual devices and the confidentiality of data transmitted by IoT assets.

Data-driven Decision Making

Data-driven Decision Making

Real-time IoT monitoring provides immediate access to accurate and up-to-date data. Leverage this data to gain actionable insights and provide visibility into device performance, usage patterns, and customer behavior, enabling informed decision-making and new revenue streams.

Virtual Machine

Experience the power of FirstWave’s network management solutions in one easy-to-use Virtual Machine. This package is preconfigured by our team and is the easiest way to install our apps, including NMIS and Open-AudIT, so you can get started with a free 20-node license and test our software for yourself.
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NMIS for Monitoring IoT Devices


“We take new ideas to [FirstWave] about how we’d like to see their products work and they add our ideas to the product roadmap. The relationship could not be any easier. I consider them an extension of my team.”

Dayle Wilson
Chief Product & Operating Officer

Discover, Monitor, and Analyze Your IoT Devices


Network Discovery

NMIS offers network discovery capabilities, automatically discovering and mapping IoT assets. Eliminate the need for manual device inventory, ensuring comprehensive visibility of connected devices on the network for effective IoT monitoring and management.


Configuration Management

Simplify the management of device configuration with NMIS’s centralized repository for IoT. Track configuration changes, enforce compliance, and restore configurations quickly if needed, ensuring consistency and minimizing misconfigurations.


Real-Time IoT Monitoring

NMIS enables real-time IoT fleet monitoring of devices connected, capturing critical performance data and metrics such as network bandwidth, latency, and device responsiveness. Promptly identify anomalies or performance issues and take immediate action.


Event Correlation

NMIS leverages advanced event correlation algorithms to analyze the data flows from IoT devices, reducing alert noise and focusing on actionable events. Improve incident response and streamline operations.


“After a long and in-depth search for a network monitoring solution, we found [FirstWave] the best fit for all our needs. With their excellent support, onsite training, and almost unlimited ability to be customized to fit our needs, it was no contest.”

Kurtis Bredda
Director of Network Services

Centralized IoT Monitoring, Customizable Reports & Proactive Alerts


Centralized IoT Monitoring

By integrating NMIS, organizations can benefit from a centralized IoT monitoring tool and management platform for their IoT devices. This allows for streamlined operations, efficient troubleshooting, and comprehensive oversight of the entire IoT ecosystem.


Customizable Dashboards

NMIS offers customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities, allowing organizations to tailor the monitoring and reporting views to their specific needs. This empowers stakeholders to access relevant insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making.


Proactive Alerting

NMIS provides proactive alerting remote monitoring capabilities, enabling organizations to receive real-time notifications about critical events or performance anomalies. This enables prompt incident response, minimizing potential issues’ impact and ensuring the IoT infrastructure’s continuous operation.


Existing Infrastructure Support

NMIS offers seamless integration with existing IoT infrastructure, making it compatible with various connected devices, protocols, and technologies. This compatibility ensures organizations can leverage their current investments while effectively monitoring and managing their IoT devices.

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