28 September 2022

FirstWave Unveils Major Network Monitoring Extension “Enterprise Services”

FirstWave Unveils Major Network Monitoring Extension “Enterprise Services”

Australian software company FirstWave Cloud Technology (ASX: FCT) has unveiled a major new enhancement to its industry-leading network management platform (NMIS) that is designed to provide monitoring and alerting systems that put the focus on business performance rather than technology.

The Enterprise Services Monitoring extension to NMIS’ infrastructure visualisation platform, opCharts, re-imagines monitoring for IT networks and services and allows administrators and management to monitor and provide alerts based on the genuine business impacts, while drilling down for root cause identification in a single click.

As well as enhancing the capabilities of opCharts, the new extension integrates and empowers a range of other network monitoring modules, including FirstWave’s industry leading Event Management platform opEvents. The extension has already been implemented with a government department that requested to remain anonymous, whose collaboration has proven the real-world application and value of the enhancement.

FirstWave’s network management software is used by over 150,000 organisations globally, including Microsoft, Telmex, and NASA.

FirstWave Chief Architect and NMIS Founder Keith Sinclair said the Enterprise Services Monitoring feature generated value by monitoring service outcomes, not just node or device health, and simplified the process of root cause identification and mitigation.

“We wanted to create a real step-change to the way we monitor networks and give management a real-time, single-pane-of-glass view of what’s important to the business and what may be impacting business performance.”

FirstWave CEO Danny Maher said Enterprise Services Monitoring would give system administrators and management unparalleled insight into network performance and allow them to focus on critical business issues, not isolated technical issues.

“Modern organisations rely on networked applications to succeed. In these complex environments, with multiple connected devices working together to support your applications, it has become increasingly challenging to maintain visibility of all these critical services, and the infrastructure they depend on. A failure in London can impact services to people in Sydney (and may not impact people in London at all), it is important to have a business view within your management systems – geographical or technological views alone will not do the job.

Enterprise Services Monitoring improves business outcomes through a top-down view of the environment and reducing mean-time-to–resolve (MTTR). It monitors the service end-to-end, not just node or device health, and saves the pain-staking process often required to bridge the gap from service impact to root cause analysis” Maher said.

“Whether it’s access to business-critical applications, integrations across environments, cloud and SaaS tools, or a customer portal interface – Enterprise Services Monitoring lets you monitor the status of the business outcome through the automated association of its dependencies.”

FirstWave’s network management and monitoring software is globally recognised as a market leader, with the organisation having recently secured an extension of several key agreements, including its role providing software to NASA to monitor the Artemis missions.