Cybersecurity Automation Platform for Service Provider Partners

Cybersecurity Automation Platform

The Platform Used By The World’s Leading Service Providers


Features For Service Providers

Powerful Cybersecurity
Deployment And Management

Unified Management

Unified Management

Provides a powerful unified management interface for partners to create, offer, deliver and manage some or all email, web, firewall, endpoint and ADR security services

Carrier-Grade Platform

Carrier-Grade Platform

Cloud platform designed from within a global telco and now available to all service providers

Deployment Automation

Deployment Automation

Delivering a frictionless customer experience through complete digitalization of the customer journey, and saving you time and money

White Labeling

White Labeling

Deliver the power of CyberCision solutions to your clients, customized with your branding



Benefit from our economies of scale, as well the ability to deploy and manage through multi-tier RBAC controls

Telco APIs

Telco APIs

Connect partner’s BSS/OSS systems to automate their E2E service management processes for security services delivered through Reseller channels to SMBs

Rapidly Scale Security

Rapidly Scale Security

Built for volume and scale with functions such as multi-tenanting, APIs, and automation to power economies of scale

White Paper

According to Frost & Sullivan, Comprehensive cyber protection for SMBs has emerged as the next great revenue driver for IT service providers. Learn more on how FirstWave filled this gap with CyberCision, the world's first Open Security Management Platform.

Real Solutions For Partners

Platform In Action


“Protection against phishing, malware and ransomware attacks for office-based, remote and roaming staff.

​That’s why Telstra Internet Protection Web and Mail gives you the proactive, cloud-based tools to defend against detected forms of malware and ransomware, with consistent web policies to help secure all office and remote-based staff.”

Complete Telco Deployment


Multi-product Deployments

The CyberCision™ platform deploys email, web, endpoint and firewalls, all from the one interface or via our APIs.


Multi-market Offers

Making carrier-grade security products accessible for SOHO, SMBs, Enterprise, and Government customers.


White Labeled

All products rebranded, retaining complete control of customers.


“With a steady increase in the adoption of new digital business technologies, there has also been a steady increase in the  vulnerability to cyber-attacks arising via email, web, network/intrusion.

ViTM Cloud Firewall is an enterprise-grade, cloud-deployed security solution with next generation firewall features that is bundled with ViTM Internet Leased Line (ILL) service eliminating the need for an on-premise firewall in your office. This solution is designed for modern business needs and involves zero capital expenditure, zero touch, as well as zero physical infrastructure to set up and run.”

Targeted Telco Product


Integrated Into Network

Ability to use the same software for multiple customers (tenants). Ideal for a Managed Service Provider, who needs a single view of multiple customers.


Multi-tenanted Firewall

Enterprise-grade, cloud-deployed security solution with next generation firewall.


White Labeled

Rebranded solution, retaining complete control of customers.

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Efficient Management Of
Your Customers

Whole Product Visibility

Onboard With Ease

The CyberCision platform enables service providers to increase revenue through the fast provisioning of valuable cutting-edge cybersecurity services to their business customer base at a reduced cost-to-serve from one cloud portal.

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Start With One Product And Scale

Service Providers FAQs

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CyberCision is an ‘Open Security Management Platform (OSMP)’ that enables service providers to sell, provision and deliver security services to their customers. Functionally, it provides integrated security services orchestration & management from a single pane-of-glass.

  • Open – It integrates other 3rd party security functions and capabilities e.g. network security (firewall), secure email gateway (SEG), secure web gateway (SWG) and Endpoint Protection (EPP/EDR) from 3rd party best-of-breed global vendors. It can support multiple similar functions (e.g. network security / firewall) from multiple vendors (e.g. Fortinet, PAN). It can be readily cloud-deployed in a centralized or distributed fashion. It exposes an extensive set of open APIs for Partners to integrate into their business and operational support systems to automate processes. An OSMP can also provide data to other systems and ingest data such as threat information, from other 3rd party threat intelligence sources.
    Benefit: enables innovation of new services and vendors, without vendor lock-in, as well as integration of existing systems.
  • Security – the platform enables the provision of security services to customers at scale.
    Benefit: New revenue opportunities from existing or new customers
  • Management – this is particularly relevant and important to SPs (see above) in being able to manage the whole customer lifecycle from onboarding, provisioning, delivery, assurance, billing, support etc. The overarching, guiding objective of CyberCision is to enable SPs to sell and deliver more security services while not having to add resources or expenditure in people, systems or tools. The platform orchestrates, simplifies and automates process.
    Benefit: lower cost-to-serve customer base by leveraging automation
  • Platform – one place to deliver the security services with one set of management capabilities and functions. When new security services are added to the SP’s portfolio, the security function itself is new, but the lifecycle services of ordering, provisioning and deploying are the same.
    Benefit: Accelerating sales and support of security services while lowering the ‘cost-to-serve’.

CyberCision comes as either a public cloud or on-premises (private/dedicated) version for Customers. The public cloud version affords a convenient, accessible starting point for Customers to sell services to End Users at their chosen pace.

At any point, a SP Customer may elect for their own dedicated, private on-premises version that they could:

host themselves in owned cloud infrastructure for scale-up delivery to many SMB customers OR
sell to a large multi-tenant or multi-department organization such as government or education.

  • ‘Integrated’ – CyberCision is used to:fully-integrate the service within the Telco/SP’s own network as an intrinsic security component of a connectivity service e.g:
    i) ‘Clean Internet Pipe‘ (Firewall or Web security) or
    ii) Secure Broadband Service (Firewall or Web security) or
    iii) ‘Secure Internet Gateway’ (Firewall security);
  • ‘Bundled’ – CyberCision is used to combine one or more security services:
      • with another Telco/SP service as an offer bundle – some examples:
        i) Internet Leased Line (ILL) plus Email + Endpoint security;
        ii) Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) plus Web security; OR
      • with a Telco/MSSP’s managed security service e.g.
        i) Email + Web security with Managed Detection & Response (MDR); OR
  • ‘SaaS ‘ – CyberCision is used to ‘publish’ services on a Telco/SP digital Marketplace either as a:
    • Standalone SaaS offering e.g. Email Security; or
    • Bundled SaaS offering e.g. Email Security + M365.

The Customer can readily use different CyberCision platform capabilities to support any or all of these options with automation, zero-touch & high-scalability. In all cases, the service can be Telco/SP-branded.

Important factors include:

  • Local Market situation – digital trends, competitors
  • Customer base profile – SOHO vs. Small Business vs SMB, existing services mix, share of customer wallet
  • Target segments – new / emerging needs & opportunities
  • Product offerings & strategy – cloud , security, mobile
  • Channel strategy – digital , direct, resellers
  • Network Infrastructure – legacy, virtualized, transformed
  • IT systems maturity – OSS/BSS

Although there may be similar capabilities in the market, there are several key differentiators that are especially relevant to SP customers. These are summarized as follows:

  • Single, integrated platform for a range of multi-vendor, multi-function security services. The platform is therefore independent of any individual security vendor and therefore the SP is not totally beholden to that single vendor not only for future security functions but potentially also for service operation and billing (OSS/BSS)
  • Hybrid: Delivered on-premises or from cloud (centralized or distributed)
    Integrated management, operational functions: Supports a range of management and operational functions for all security services off a single platform. New security services can be added to the SP security product portfolio while retaining the benefits and use of the same single platform.
  • Simplified, single process: for operation of multi-vendor, multi-function security service delivery and billing.
  • Built for scale. This is particularly important for targeting the mid-market and SMB where volume and scale is important. One example of a CyberCision function that enables this is multi-tenanting – enabling economies of scale
  • Open. Can support existing and new 3rd party vendors and security functions

Firstly, CyberCision reduces the significant time and costs that SPs would otherwise have to expend to launch a compelling suite of new security services or offers for their SMB customer base.

Secondly, CyberCision simplifies processes and reduces operational costs for SPs to operate & deliver security services to a growing base of SMB customers over the entire service lifetime.

Thirdly, CyberCision enables SPs to deliver a complete, efficacious and cost-effective perimeter security solution, that is ‘better than’ commonly-evaluated options such as M365 – to their SMB customers.

CyberCision enables SPs to increase revenue through the sales and provisioning of valuable security services to their customer base. CyberCision also enables the SP to provide these services at a reduced cost-to-serve.

CyberCision will:

  • Provide SPs an accelerated pathway to launch compelling new security services with minimal upfront investment plus reduced time-to-revenue & cost-to-serve;
  • Reinforce, enhance and differentiate SPs’ core B2B and Enterprise services portfolios e.g. Broadband, Mobile, Cloud, Managed Services e.g. SD-WAN;
  • Deliver SP with tools to create, deliver & support a range of new cybersecurity offers, bundles or marketing campaigns e.g.
    • ‘Broadband Protect’
    • ‘Phishing Defense’
    • ‘Ransomware Defense’
    • ‘Mobile Defense’
    • ‘Leaked Credentials’
    • ‘Clean Pipes’ etc
  • Deliver a frictionless customer experience through complete digitisation of the customer journey and service lifecycle – purchase, fulfillment, use, management & support

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